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We know that you love to hustle. However, workplace injuries cannot only keep you away from what you like for a significant amount of time but also deprive you of an income. In the current fast moving world, no one fancies dragging behind, as everyone is right ahead.
The situation even becomes worse in cases of personal inflicted injuries. In most cases, not putting much importance on having the right work boots is negligence. Yes, most people trust in their skills, but it doesn’t hurt having the proper footwear for your hustle.
In the majority of Ariat Work Boots reviews, you will find that most buyers have nothing but good things to say about the boots. In the following paragraphs, we are going to hold an in-depth discussion of what makes Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-on Waterproof Pro Work Boot a top product.
Of course, we had to test it ourselves to provide an honest review of the boot. We have to admit that the boot is an excellent choice for any workman.

Highlight Features

Before we jump in for an in-depth review, we can look at some of the highlight features to get a clearer picture of what the boot is all about.


  • A leather upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • A 12.5-inch opening
  • Oil and slip resistant outsole
  • Features a roper toe shape
  • EVA sole


Well, to say the boot is appealing may be an understatement. It is one of the most appealing and stylish boots that you will ever come across. The leather upper, the round toe, and platform all work together to produce one the best appearances in a boot.
The design is enough to make anyone use it as a typical casual boot. It is the kind of boot that you can wear to your workplace and other outdoors. As such, it fits as one of the best boots, anywhere.
The boot features a full grain leather upper that can withstand the test of time easily. It is one of the best materials to be on a shoe.
It is one of the best materials because it is free of snuffing, buffing or sanding, processes that impact on its strength. The method of removing imperfections on the leather interferes with its integrity, its durability and strength.
As a result, the grain retains its breathability which translates to comfortable wear. The hide is in its original form, maintaining all its texture. Full grain leather is smooth. Even though it contributes to a high price tag, it is the kind of material that quality work boots should have.
As mentioned, full-grain leather is one of the most breathable shoe materials. It is without blemishes and regains its original pores, allowing efficient flow of air into the boots. Well, it may not be as breathable as fabric but who chooses fabric over leather in a work boot, anyway?
Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-on Waterproof Pro Work Boot feels good inside the feet, and its appealing design positively contributes to the comfort.
Have you ever been in ugly footwear, the one you would never want your friends to find you in? – The kind that you only wear in the confines of your own compound? You get the picture.
But far from it, the boot feels alright. It has a soft surface that will not scratch your skin. The round toe shape is the best and will not constrain your feet. It feels spacious from inside and well fitting. Choose the right size, and you will enjoy wearing the boot to work.
The EVA sole is another good source of comfort as it absorbs all the associated shock you may encounter walking or working. The Duratread outsole is sturdy and also a source of support. The fact that you are safe from slips is a good thing.
Another thing
you will notice is that the boots are warm. They are excellent for wearing during such times when snow decides to cover your morning. The boots are also water resistant and will keep your feet dry even when the right rain comes.
Other comfort features include a moisture-wicking footbed and broader shank. The two elements work together to prevent foot fatigue and stability.
The issue of safety is critical when it comes to boots. They must protect your feet from falling objects and substances. A falling hammer can inflict a lot of pain, interrupting the flow of work. Such a tool can leave a long-lasting injury that may not only affect your assignment but your quality of life.
The shoe, however, has all the right features that a decent work boot should have. For example, full-grain leather is sturdy and will not allow any substance to find its way to your feet. It is sufficiently hard to bounce off any falling object from your foot.
The rubber outsole is another good source of safety. Such good treads prevent slips and slides as you work on a particular project. You will also notice that the boot has an ATS platform but what role does the platform play?
ATS platform provides a sufficient grip to your feet inside the boot. You will not need to keep adjusting the boot, as is necessary, now and then. You see, such slips can sometimes prove fatal.
It also helps maintain the right posture to avoid discomforts and back pains. Back pains are quite familiar with certain workplaces and are usually from having the wrong stances as you work.


Many Ariat work boots review from customers point at a narrower fit. They may also take some time to feel comfortable. As a result, some people feel some pain, but it eventually goes away as you wear it often.
The fact that the boot is a pull on and off type means that it will not provide a snug fit. A bigger boot may produce a significant amount of friction to make it very uncomfortable. So, are Ariat Boots, good quality? Well, they pretty much are.
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