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Improper breaking in leather boots can become a nightmare! So how should you do it? Well, a pair of leather boots, whether you wear it for style or work purposes, it creates a fashion statement. While there are many shoe boutiques selling quality and fashionable leather boots, you still cannot wear them right out of the box. If you need to know how to break in leather boots, read on for more.

Unlike other types of shoes, leather ones call for a different treatment for your feet to feel comfortable when wearing them. While leather boots are everyday footwear during winter, you need to invest in them before the winter so that you can have enough time to break into them.

In case you are not familiar with the term, to break in leather boots means to soften the bots up so that you can put them on with ease and feel comfortable when wearing them.

Leather passes through several processes during manufacturing which makes it extra rigid. Also, the chemicals used in the leather makes the material stiffer. The stiffness is that hard that it can cause blisters on your toe and around the heel area. The stiffness can also sore the arch area and crush your claw.

Here is how you can break into leather boots-

  • Two zipped plastic bags

    Here, you need to fill up the zipped plastic bags with water, squeeze the air from the bags and shove them into your shoes. As you fill the bags, take the water that can only cause a bulge in your shoes. Put your leather boots into the freezer for one night. Once the water freezes, it will eventually expand and finally loses the leather. Avoid pulling out the bulge bags instantly, remove them slowly and gently. You can repeat the process daily until the leather loosens and becomes comfortable on your shoes.

If you are worrying that the water will leak into the boots, you can use a bag with double zips. Once you do this, your boots will naturally loosen and enjoy wearing them as you wish.

  • Alcohol

    Alcohol is also useful in softening leather fibers very quickly. All you need to do is to dilute it with water, about thirty to forty percent of alcohol and the remaining percentage water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and avoid spraying the outer area of the shoe. Just spray a few puffs on the inner part of the boot and leave the shoes overnight. Eventually, your boots will loosen.

Alcohol acts quickly when softening up the boots. Repeat the procedure daily until your boots loosen up. However, keep in mind that alcohol is a bit harsh.

  • A shoe stretcher

    If you want to avoid forcing your feet into the boots every time during the softening process, it is good to use a wooden foot, also known as shoe stretcher. The process is the best and the safest when breaking into the boots — all you need to insert the stretcher into the boot and leave the footwear for several days. Always increase the wood width depending on your feet, with the mechanism that comes with the stretcher.

With the use of a wooden shoe stretcher, you will surely break in leather boots with ease.

  • Crush the boots

    The procedure sounds destructive, but it’s not. What you need to do is to mash the heel of the boots by stepping on them or crush them with your hands. Keep in mind that the procedure will not harm your shoes, but will soften the hard part and break in them faster. Another great way to do this is to bend the boot-soles by squatting while wearing the boots.


By crushing the boots, you keep your feet safe from blisters that are painful and take longer to heal. Also, not breaking in leather boots can damage not only your feet but your boots as well.

Now you know the right way to break into leather boots. Just follow the above procedures and get comfortable and fashionable footwear!