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Imagine having shoes that will help you jump higher as well as run faster, isn’t that awesome? While this sounds like fiction, you did not read wrong for it is true, all thanks to technology.

These shoes will not make you jump higher, but with such a shoe you are less likely to sustain lower body injuries that most athletes deal with. The shoes came several years ago and gave athletes a chance to gain extra inches high without any exercises.

The following are some of these shoes-

  • Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) Basketball Shoes

    The manufacturer of the shoe is known as APL, a company that came out with a shoe whose technology allowed athletes to jump extra inches high without training. What made the shoe a bit unique is that the shoe offers a wearer a chance to jump higher as soon as they lace them up. No workout needed. The shoes come with springs on the fore part of the shoe which makes it possible to jump up and run faster.

During the test, those who were using the shoe jumped 3.5 inches higher when compared to those using regular shoes. The shoes are lightweight and come with a good design that enables you to jump with ease. However, you need to know that you cannot use the shoes in league play as NBA banned the use of the shoe.

  • Jump training shoes

    Jump training shoes are also great when it comes to jumping high. The shoes are different from APL shoes, but you should not use them in real competitive leagues. Instead, they are training shoes that you use to hone your skills. The main shoe purpose is to strengthen your muscles helping you to jump higher.

The shoes come in excellent design to make sure that the forefoot is lifted. The shoe lifting forces you to walk, jump and run using only the footballs. When wearing this shoe, the heels of your foot do not touch the ground.

  • Strength shoes

    The shoes are unique basketball training footwear that is built on a platform. As a result of the shoe build, your heels cannot touch the ground. With these shoes, you can walk using the front of your foot and toes. By doing so, you strengthen the same muscles that you need when running or jumping higher. By allowing a player to train in these shoes, the shoe builds up the calf muscles, and this improves your vertical jump ability.

By using such shoes, you will not only be able to run faster but will also jump higher with ease.

  • Jump-Soles

    The concept with Jump-Soles is similar to that of strength shoes since they are both jumping shoes. However, with Jump-Soles, instead of being a shoe, they are merely straps on forefoot soles.

    When using them, all you need to do is to strap the soles in front of your shoes. By doing so, you raise your forefoot from the ground helping you to use the only front part of your foot when jumping or running.


Jump-Soles are very good when it comes to jumping. Since they come with straps, they are fit and comfortable enough on your feet and will help you jump even higher.

While jumping shoes work really well when it comes to running faster or jumping, you will only get the right results if only you get the best shoes.

However, that does not mean that merely because we have jumping shoes, you cannot train to jump on your own, without the aid of the shoes. There are many jump training programs where you can learn to jump higher since no league will ever ban you from using your jumping skills. However, if you want to make things easy and enjoyable, try any of the above shoes and have fun.