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The Thorogood boots vs. Redwing debate is one issue that refuses to go away, dividing opinion regarding who makes the best boot, right in the middle. The two brands are some of the most popular and each brings something unique to the table that users swear by them.

Well, to determine which brand is better than the other, we went out of our way to test each and tell you our verdict. Such tests are not always easy, but we felt the need to do it and help any of you that are in a dilemma and can’t seem to make a decision.

Based on our experience with boots, and on our research stretching across various brands, Thorogood may be the better choice. But why do we say that? Let’s now get into it and separate the chaff from the wheat.

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe

The brand has come a long way to be the market leader it is. Specifically, the manufacturers were among the first to produce rugged shoes used by linemen and which helped them to hold on tight to poles. Thorogood boots brand are serious about making the best boots for workers. They are about safety when working.

There are various designs, with each proving ideal for a particular activity. Among their best brands include Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe. The boot performs excellently when it comes to serving the needs of different categories of workers.

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc 6″ Boot

On the receiving end is Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc 6″ Boot, a winner in most fronts. Like Thorogood, the Brand initially specialized in making footwear to cater to the needs of workers in the farming, logging and mining industries.

Red Wing continues with the same tradition of making rugged shoes to protect the workers as they try to make ends meet. As you may notice, the brand has their own premium leather, different from the others.

Comparing the Moc Toe

Both brands have a moc toe reputation that exceeds them. However, the moc toe in Thorogood is better quality than its counterpart. You can feel how tough the moc toe is and is thus ideal for protecting your foot.

The moc toe on both brands is a bit tough and inflexible which may put users off at first. However, this changes and soon becomes comfortable – back to our comparison.

You will notice that the Thorogood moc toe will take much more time to break in than Red Wing – as you will read in many Thorogood moc toe reviews from users.

But that does not indicate reduced quality than its counterpart. It only means that the moc toe is made of a better material – the difference is not that much, however.

The moc toe material on Thorogood is top notch and much smoother than Red Wing. However, both shoe age gracefully and slowly and you will never need to worry about spending a few more hundreds on a new shoe – you know how things are in the current economy.

Construction and Comfort

Thorogood utilizes the standard Goodyear welt construction. It features a shock-absorbent insert, dual density, effective in cushioning your feet against shock. As such, the boot performs its tasks effectively, making it pretty comfortable.

The bottom of the boot is Vibram rubber, with all the necessary durability and flexibility of what is an excellent boot sole is all about. It is oil and slip resistant providing all the required safety you may need as you work. The superior traction you get from this boot is worth writing home about – if you know what we mean.

Come to think of it; the outsole is also responsible for giving the boot that stylish and unique look. The boot would look so much different in the absence of this sole.

Red Wing, on the other hand, has its own comfort features. For example, the boots are a lot softer than their peers, and so they do not take a lot of time to break in. They are, therefore, smooth and feel good on foot. However, they still need to break in.

And unlike Thorogood, Red Wing does not have any insole footbed, but that is not something that should give you sleepless nights. You may not even notice it unless you are too keen. The inside of the boot is comfortable. It is breathable, and you can wear it the whole day without the need to remove it for a short time to get a breather.

Red Wing has a flexible and durable rubber outsole. There is no special material on it, just a typical rubber outsole. That means they may not last for a long time like their counterparts, the Thorogood boots. Regardless, the boots are a decent pair and are ideal as work boot in various industries such as lumber, DIYs, landscaping, and woodworking.

Design and Purpose

Editor’s Note

Both brands carry an appealing design. That means you can use each of them for various occasions. Thorogood has a Goodyear welt construction which everyone loves, whether it is on a work boot or regular outdoor boots.

We also have nothing against the Red Wing boots. They are quite decent, and we would not mind having a pair. However, the features on the boots and durability indicate that they are more appropriate as an everyday boot than Thorogood, which is more rugged.

Final Thoughts

A choice between Thorogood and Red Wing is more a matter of purpose for which you want the boot than preference. Thorogood is an excellent selection for those that want a functional and rugged work boot, better than what is available on the market. Its leather upper and rubber outsole are more durable than Red Wing, and hence better placed to handle tough work situations.

That does not mean that you cannot have Red Wing as a work boot. It has the durability and ruggedness for use as such, but in our opinion, it leans more on the casual boot side.

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