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Are you sick and tired of throwing away your favorite shoes for a minor fault? Well, shoe glue is what you need. Whether heels or sneakers, we buy shoes to wear them.

However, no matter how careful we treat our shoes, they will inevitably end up with faults, but that does not mean that you should toss them yet. Luckily, shoe glues are there to salvage your favorite footwear, but you need to get the best for the best results.

So what is the best glue for shoes?

Read on to learn more!

  • Boot-Fix shoe glue
    Being a professional grade and a non-clamping adhesive that dries in just a few hours, it is the best that you can get. The glue works on all vinyl, rubber, and leather footwear and breathes new life into your shoes with impressive flexibility and a time testing connection. The glue dries so clear that it is safe for any color.

Boot-fix shoe glue offers confidence to repair your boots, sneakers, or any other footwear. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to repair your footwear.

  • Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive Glue
    The glue is a very reliable adhesive that offers a protective coating for shoes. The glue is thick and transparent and does not expand after drying, and it holds joints firmly. Another good thing about this adhesive is that it is heat-resistant and waterproof, making it a better bonding agent for all-weather sneakers and boots.

The glue is ideal for athletic shoes, boots, sneakers, or any other footwear that you need to repair. With this glue, you do not only get an opportunity to fix your shoe-sole, but you can also patch all holes and any other damage on the shoes.

  • Shoe-Fix Glue
    The glue bonds instantly, which means it does not need curing time or clamping the glue does not expand or dry thick, which means it will not cause discomfort after you repair it. The adhesive is not only heat and cold resistant, but also water-resistant which means it won’t break down when you pass through water. The glue offers a durable bond that is flexible enough to let your shoe soles move naturally.    

The glue needs neither clamping nor curing time. It dries clear and flexible, and so you will not have any issues with color matching. Also, the glue offers a strong bond that bond to all shoe materials.

  • Gear Aid Free-Sole
    If you like being hard on your shoes, this glue is a urethane formula and can repair and rebuild all types of shoes. Being a thick concentrated formula, you can apply the glue to the surface of any clean shoe and rebuild the shoe’s toe cap, heels, or soles. Also, you can apply the glue on the shoe to offer a waterproof seal.  

The glue is perfect for rubber shoes, and it is a flexible and a thick product that is not only here to repair your shoes but also to create a protective layer.

  • Gorilla Original Glue
    The glue is an industrial strength product that ensures your shoes are in good shape all times. The glue is versatile and flexible enough, and once it dries, it is one hundred percent waterproof. The glue is safe to use for both indoor and outdoor footwear. You can use the glue on almost any type of footwear since it bonds on almost any type of material. The glue is the best for leather, vinyl, rubber, and canvas soles.

The glue is not only strong and durable but also dries with the suppleness you need when repairing footwear soles. The glue will bond to every material with an unbreakable bond.

Taking your shoes to a footwear expert is not only expensive but also time-consuming. With these shoe glues, you can quickly fix your shoes on your own or at home. Just try any of the above glues for shoes, and you will not regret!