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There’s something about Italian shoes that shouts style, quality, and durability. In the majority of Bruno Magli shoe review, you will notice that most users adore them for one reason or another. You will also agree that this shoe is at the top of the pack when it comes to suitable formal footwear.
With a user satisfaction score, this is a favorite among many people. In the following Bruno Magli shoe review, we highlight some of the possible features making this a top product. Belt up and enjoy the ride.
With a user satisfaction score, this is a favorite among many people. In the following Bruno Magli shoe review, we highlight some of the possible features making this a top product. Belt up and enjoy the ride.

The Bruno Magli Brand

Bruno Magli is a favorite Italian brand among many people around the globe. You see, globalization and the internet are expanding the market to unprecedented levels. Now many products from around the world are available to anyone as long as they have access to the internet.
As such, good brands as Bruno Magli are growing steadily. But is it about the brand that makes everyone wants to have a piece of it?
Founded in 1936 by three siblings, Bruno Marino and Mario, in Bologna, Italy, the brand has steadily grown the years to become among the most famous and quality shoes manufacturers. The three siblings learned the trade from their grandfather and as a result, started the first factory they named Calzaturifico Magli.
In 1947, the three sons set up a manufacturing facility in Bologna, Italy and expanded their product lines. Bruno Magli now has numerous stores in every continent and is a brand that everyone within and outside of the business world is familiar with. As they say, ‘quality needs no introduction.

The Features

Appearance and Design

Several factors make one product better than the other and among them is design and appearance. Working in an office setting entails wearing formal clothes. Black decent shoes are sufficient and complete an image of an individual ready to scale the ladders on the corporate world.
Well, Bruno Magli has the looks to die for, and that makes it a shoe above the rest and worth the investment. Yes, the brand has various designs, including our favorite penny moccasin, sneaker, men’s westy and tuxedo. The lace-up dress shoe is an attractive piece of footwear, with crafty features that make it worth the investment, any day.
The design is a boardroom shoe and the kind that helps strike a good deal with others. How you look underscores your abilities and organization, and Bruno Magli is the kind of shoe that successful people wear.
The appearance of a slender silhouette is from the lightly tapered toe. Well, it may seem a little conservative, but it is still stylish. Other features that make the shoe even more stylish is the cap toe design, the soft leather upper and the six eyelets.


  • Six eyelets
  • Top notch quality
  • Leather 100%, so soft
  • Stylish, the cap toe design 
  • Clogs are slip resistant
  • The heel is about 2 inches 

Durability and Maintenance

A section of users may argue that Nappa leather, which comes from the goatskin, is not any better than calf’s skin. However, nothing could be further from the truth as the goatskin is as tough as any other type of leather.
That means the Bruno Magli dress shoe and Bruno Magli boots are as tough a shoe as they can get with a touch of softness. The polished surface is, without a doubt, quite appealing. But it also has an essential role in ensuring optimal durability. The shiny coating easily repels water, keeping your feet dry and preventing moisture from damaging the unprotected surfaces.
The downturned seams keep the weak side of the boot away from the elements, and that contributes to its durability. You have the rubber heel to thank for the excellent grip the shoe has, and of course, its optimal strength. The rubber heel may be the first to go but is after years of use.
Nothing is as easy as maintaining the Bruno Magli dress shoe. The Italian brand deserves applause for making the best shoes. Your job is to polish the shoes regularly and you a have a good dress shoe as an office companion for a long time.
Cleaning the shoes is a breeze in the walk as you only need a basin of soapy water and sponge, which you use to remove the dirt and other stains. Make sure to apply a new coat of polish after washing.
The Bruno Magli dress shoes use Nappa leather, which is leather from the goatskin, making it supple, as well as, tough. Well, there are claims that calf leather is the softest and most tough leather to have on a pair of shoes. However, the goatskin is much better in that regard.
As such, the shoe is quite comfortable. It is among the comfortable dress shoes that we have ever come across. The sleek six-eyelet lace-up design makes it easier to have a snug fit, thereby, enhancing its comfort.
Apart from the lace-up design, another source of comfort is the leather outsole, flexible and durable. You see, when the outsole is flexible, your foot easily achieves its natural gait in motion. Nothing inhibits it.
The platform is not high at all, and which is, of course, a good thing. Men are more comfortable in low platform shoes as opposed to the high ones. The cushioned insole is another source of comfort for your foot as it safeguards your feet from shock. Other features like the lightly waxed laces make it even better.
There’s nothing more comfortable in a pair of dress shoes than a soft leather upper complimented by waxed laces. The more the comfortable your shoes are, the better it is for your confidence. You will easily clinch that business deal that you want so much – success is made of these.
Final Word
Italian brands have a reputation for having the best quality products and nothing best highlights this fact than the Bruno Magli dress shoes. They are what it means to have quality shoes in the collection. The shoes are a bit pricey but what do you expect from such a quality product. It is all worth the investment.
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