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Winter is in full swing. Are you in a dilemma of which alternative footwear to wear on the snow? Well, many types of shoes are specifically meant to be worn on snow. But, can you wear leather boots in the snow? The answer is ‘YES.’ During winter, you may find yourself having to wear these boots to protect your foot from cold.

However, even though you can wear them during winter that does not mean that they are not prone to damage. If you must wear them, then you need to learn how you can protect them from snow salt and wetness.

If you dwell in a similarly snowy part of the world, then there is no doubt you will experience snow for some time. When snow hits the concrete, and the cold seep their way into your house, you must dress for the occasion, and your legs are not an exemption.

Many harsh things might ruin your shoes like snow, salts, and cold are leather’s worst enemies. Such factors can make your boots dry out, crack, and the leather will eventually become irreparable.

Follow the following steps to protect your leather boots when you want to wear then during winter-

  • Cleaning the boots

    Before any other thing, clean your footwear with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris. As you wipe off the dirt, remove the shoelaces.

By dampening the leather, you are preparing it and making it easy for the shoes to accept conditioning.

  • Choose a leather dressing

    You need to get a leather dressing that matches your boots. The dressings are available at the discount store or grocery also, you can visit cobbler or any other independent shoe shop to get more options.

You will only get the right leather dressing if you go to the right dealer. Make sure you get the quality one for better results.

  • Apply the dressing

    Start by applying the dressing to all stitches and seams on the shoe uppers and not the boot soles. By doing so, you will help keep the water out. Apply using your fingers so that you can apply a thin coat. Continue rubbing the dressing on the entire boot to create a single-event coat.

Once you rub the dressing thoroughly, you will get an even cover and protect our shoes from the snow.

  • Focus on the seam

    Stay keen and focus on the seam where the boot uppers meet the sole. The reason is that most water, salt, and cold air can enter your boots through the seams. Since it is hard to get in the crevices using your fingers, you can use a soft brush to dab the dressing.

Once you apply the dressing on the seam, snow or cold air won’t have a chance to penetrate your boots and freeze your fingers toes.

  • Leave the dressing to penetrate

    Leave the boots for half an hour to one hour to allow the dressing to penetrate the boots. After that time, the boot’s leather will fully absorb the dressing. If you have applied an even coat, you will not notice any spots. Use a slightly wet cloth to remove any extra dressing. After that, replace the laces.


Once the dressings dry up, remove extra dressing since it’s visible and may affect the look on your shoes. Once you do that, your boots will look as good as new and now you are ready to hit that snow without having to worry about your boots safety.

There you have it. Just repeat the process once a week and your boots will always stay safe regardless of snowy the weather is.