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Every woman has a particular taste when it comes to shoe selection. There are those who prefer flat shoes while others prefer open shoes or even formal leather shoes. However, some women look great in Timberland boots. The Timberland boots are stylish especially when they are well matched with jeans and a T-shirt. Every time you need a casual look.

As much as women love the Timberland boots, there is one big challenge, and it usually comes in women and Timberland boot fitting. As a result, we have prepared you an article that shall be focusing on how do women’s timberland boots fit. We want to make sure that they perfectly suit you and make it.

Timberland understands that women have different feet sizes and they have varying sizes for the boots. They run from size 5 to size 11 in the US.

When shopping for a Timberland boot, you should always remember that they have varying foot sizes. Now that you love what your friend bought and it fits you do not mean that it is the perfect size for you. The best and the first thing is to make sure that you got the right size for your feet.

Measuring the Foot Size at Home

Sometimes determining the foot size can be difficult. Due to this, we have prepared you some procedure to follow to know the exact size of your foot. You can measure your foot size by doing the following simple steps-

  • Put a piece of paper on flat ground;
  • Firmly Place one of your foot on the piece of paper;
  • Carefully outline your foot trying as much as possible to be accurate;
  • When doing the outline of the foot, you can put on the socks to get an allowance for the socks;
  • Put marks on the length and the width of the foot on the paper;
  • Make straight lines and measure the length and the width;
  • Subtract around 3/16th of an inch from both width and height measured;
  • Record the results somewhere;
  • Get the chart for the women feet sizes and get the right size of your Timberland for your foot;
  • This procedure assists you in establishing the correct size of your feet hence the most fitting and comfortable Timberland boot.

Tips to Consider When Buying a Timberland Boot

Apart from measuring the size of your foot, there is still a range of tips that you should keep in mind when selecting that boot. Consider the following;

  1. Measure the size of both feet. Your feet must not necessarily be equal;
  2. Carry your old boots to the Timberland store for reference. It will assist in determining a more precise size of your foot;
  3. Have the activity in mind. Always remember the events that you will do in that boot. A boot for hiking may not have the same fitting as the boot you would select for snowshoeing;
  4. Ensure that you clip your toenails to avoid exaggerated size of the foot;
  5. Avoid assumptions. Do not think that the boot size you wore last year is the same size you will wear as changes happen daily.

Wrap up

You should never do guesswork when buying your Timberland boot to avoid the wrong size. A fitting boot gives you some confidence when walking and makes you look stylish and updated. We brought you an article on how women’s Timberland boots fit since we want you to enjoy every boot that you buy. Women look great in Timberland boot, and this is an incredible fact.