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People that work on their feet or are on the majority of the time on their feet deserve shoes that are comfortable and supportive. In most cases, many professional nurses or other career women prefer sneakers and other lightweight footwear. However, that does not mean that there are no different types of shoes you can use in its place.
Sanita Women’s Professional Oil Closed Leather Clog is the kind of footwear we are talking about. In the following review, we look at how well the leather clog performs as an everyday work shoe.
Mostly, we had to wear and feel what kind of shoe it is. We had to determine whether it makes the cut and whether you can use it the same way you do sneakers. For an adequate review, we also jump into the Sanita vs. Dansko debate.

Sanita vs. Dansko

As a nurse, comfort and foot support are more important than fashion or, as we call it, aesthetics. The best clogs significantly reduce any stress on your joints so that you are as comfortable as possible. They also have good traction to prevent slip accidents.
Studies indicate that nursing is among the professions more prone to musculoskeletal disorders and the kind of footwear you prefer plays a significant role. So, in Sanita vs. Dansko, which shoes are more supportive and best suited for nurses and other professional women?
Dansko is among the favorites among nurses who are after comfortable wear. The brand is what we can refer to as godsend as it is supportive, comfortable and durable, a perfect choice for those that are always on their feet for long hours trying to make ends meet.
And while Dansko is the original makers of professional clogs, Sanita is a much newer brand which branched from Dansko. Sanita used to manufacture clogs for Dansko before deciding to go solo and have their own line of comfortable clogs.
Sanita is one brand giving Dansko a run for their money, as a matter of fact. In the following Sanita shoe review, we look at the similarities, as well as, the differences between the two popular brands.

The Features


Both brands utilize the design in their clogs which makes sense since the two companies were a single entity years ago. Of course, there are a few differences between the two brands – they cannot be copycats – but they may not be noticeable through a casual eye.
For example, the new generation Dansko clogs come with a heel base that is broader and better than its main competitor. If you inspect carefully, Sanita does not feature the rubber piping which is common among Dansko shoes.
The fuller heel base makes for more comfort, preventing any ankle rolling that may feel uncomfortable. Both brands are available in a variety of designs, sizes and colors and which enhances your choice.


  • Leather 
  • Fits perfectly 
  • Synthetic sole
  • 2 inches heel height
  • Great shoes for certain occupation
  • Stretchable to provide comfortable fit 

Comfort and Safety

Professional clogs provide a comfortable wear so that you can stand or work for hours. They are slip resistant that chances of slips are minimal. You see, waitresses and nurses normally stand for hours in a variety of surfaces, some wet and others wet.
The heel is about 2 inches which is not too much to make you uncomfortable. The design understands the need for comfort even as you stand for an extended period. Sanita Women’s Professional Oil Closed Leather Clog is breathable and chances of having uncomfortable sweating, which would also be a safety risk, are minimal.
Sweat can cause slips and as a waitress, you would hurt yourself and others in the process. You don’t have time to adjust the shoes in case they require adjustment even as you carry stuff from one place to the other.
The slip-on design even makes it easier to wear and take off. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to wear and be on your way. Both Sanita and Dansko have the same design and so similar results on that aspect. So, how comfortable are Dansko shoes? Well, we can answer that question in the affirmative.
The clogs feature a leather upper which is both durable and breathable. Leather easily withstands spills, and your feet are safe from various substances that may spill on them. As a waitress, a misfortune can see your feet covered in hot food or liquids and woe unto you if the feet are bare. The same case applies to nurses who frequently deal with various chemicals.
The leather is relatively water resistant and so will protect your feet from moisture. The clog design may not do a lot of justice to this feature since there are openings that liquids can find their way. Regardless, your toes and feet are safe from moisture, relatively if we may be honest.
The synthetic sole is, not only slip-resistant but also durable. It has that feel which tells you that you are going to have it a long time, a long time to come.
Both brands are easy to maintain as all you need is dip the shoes in soapy water and scrubs them lightly. However, avoid saturating the leather when cleaning. A damp piece of cloth is sufficient, and a dry sponge will dry it out.
Apply Beeswax conditioner on the clogs to ensure they are weatherproof, and prevent damage to them. The conditioner will also ensure that the wet weather and dry conditions do not have any effect.
While both brands are available in the majority of stores, Dansko is quite famous. You cannot go far without coming across a store with a variety of Dansko clogs. However, they come from China while Sanita is from Europe – pretty much explains why we consider the latter as much better quality than the former.
Both brands are available online and in brick and mortar stores. The handmade Dansko shoes have a sizing problem which many reviewers highlight. The same applies to Sanita shoes. However, Sanita is a bit cheaper than their counterparts.
Both Sanita and Dansko are decent choices for women that are mostly in their feet as they work. However, Sanita gets the point over Dansko by their quality and innovation.
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