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We all love boots right? But most people are not sure on how to protect leather boots from rain, especially during the rainy season!

Even though leather is known for durability and as a quality material for shoes, too much water can damage it. Since leather is a porous material, it can quickly soak in water and that influx of water accompanied by a release once the water dries can cause premature damage and cracking on your favorite footwear.

Leaving your leather boots to soak in the rain is not the best way to take care of it. However, at times things happen, and you get caught in the rain while you have your leather boots on.

Here are the tips!

  • Waterproofing does not last forever

    New leather boots usually come with a layer of wax that acts as a water barrier. But with time, the layer breaks down leaving your shoes without protection from the rain. That is why you cannot rely on company protection since it does not last forever. With that in mind, you need to take charge and protect your favorite footwear.

Since you already know that your shoes will not have that protective coat forever, read on now to learn how you can protect them from the rain.

  • Removing scuff marks

    Take a soft cloth, dip it in water to dampen, and then dip it into the baking soda. After that, rub off the scuff marks until they disappear. Wipe the boot clean.

Keeping your shoes and leaving them to dry with other dirt and scuff marks on them can damage your shoes. That is why you need always to keep it clean to support its glow.

  • Dry the boots thoroughly

    If you find yourself in the rain when wearing your leather boots, one way to protect the shoe is to leave it to dry completely. Once you clean the scuff marks with water and baking soda, leave it for some time to dry and make sure you protect the shape so that it fits you again later.

    As it dries, insert a shoe tree or newspapers to aid in holding the shape. After that, lay the shoes on their sides so that they can dry properly. Avoid placing them next to a source of heat as this will cause them to dry quickly and that can lead to damage.

Once the boots dry appropriately, they will not lose their shape, texture or glow. Also, make sure you dry them as soon as possible since keeping them wet for long damage the leather.

  • Use a waterproof cover

    If you regularly find yourself on the rain, you need to think of investing in a waterproof cover for your boots by having a pair of shoe covers in your car can offer instant protection if unexpected rain comes. The cover prevents water from damaging your valuable boots.

Leather boots are not water boots, and that is why they need protection. Even though they can protect your feet from rain, you also need to protect them with a waterproof cover; your boots are safe.

  • Invest in a water repellent barrier

    Add a water repellent barrier to make sure that your boots don’t soak in water very quickly once you wear them in the rain. Some water barriers offer a more water-repellent barrier to protect the boots from rain damage. All you need is to find the best and keep going.


By adding a water repellent barrier, your shoes will stay safe even when in the rain. Just make sure you get the right quality to give your shoe most protection.

Leather boots are a sizeable investment since they complement every outfit. While avoiding the rain is the best way to protect your leather boots, it is not practical since we never know when the rain will hit us. With the above tips, you can enjoy wearing your boots when you want and still keep them safe.