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There are many reasons to get a decent insole, and it includes the elimination of negative issues associated with foot health. In other words, the perfect insole provides foot balance and support to relieve back pain, hip pain, and foot pain.
It also minimizes any possible swelling of the ankles or feet – a significant possibility with some people such as those in the sports world. Unfortunately, there are numerous options on the market, and as such, choosing is not always easy.
However, we provide a review of two popular products and then compare them to determine which is better. In the following Powerstep vs. Superfeet discussion, we lay everything bare after doing our testing and going through hundreds of customer reviews. You are going to have a better picture at the end of it, and you can choose with confidence.

What are the Available Options?

Powerstep has a variety insole options that include products for both men and women and in various sizes. Some of the standard features with this brand include double layered and full orthotics. The heel comfort cushion is another timeless feature that provides optimal comfort throughout the day.
On the other corner of the Powerstep vs. Superfeet ring is Superfeet, a synthetic insole that features a high arch for your optimal comfort. Similarly, the brand has a variety of features, ideal for both men and women. Superfeet uses vegan materials; it is latex free and employs natural materials. And to cap it all, the insoles have antibacterial coating – no more issues with smelly feet and the like.

Powerstep Full Length Insole

Superfeet Green Full Length Insole

The Features

Foot Comfort and Pain Relief

The strategically placed shock absorbers on Powerstep help relieve heel pain, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, and general foot pain. Powerstep® ProTech Full Length features full-length double-layered materials, ideal for both men and women. It is also available in different sizes.
The high level cushioning provides foot stability and firmer arch support to you as the user. Its slightly angled platform aids in optimal movement. You have greater control of movement.
The form base utilizes a cushioning technology for directed comfort. Other features include the antimicrobial lining that helps keep your feet dry and comfortable. It reduces friction and heat that may stand in the way of your comfort.
Superfeet comes with a variety of products, among them Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole. The product boasts one of the deepest heel cups for a high-level foot comfort as you move from one place to the other. The feature is a source of natural shock absorption with a rubber sole to perform this task.
And like their counterpart, Superfeet GREEN Full-Length Insole features an odor-control coating that gets rid of any odor-causing bacteria, cushioning, as well as, supporting the foot.
At the base of the insole is the stabilizer cap, the primary source of stability and structure to the insole. The stabilizer cap also provides optimal comfort for the foam layer.
In general terms, Powerstep incorporates a design for optimal arch support. Specifically, the hard bottom helps with your instep. It will take a while to break in, but the insoles are a great choice and will provide support for a long time.
On the other hand, several users, especially those with more full feet state that Superfeet tends to have narrower insoles. As a result, the people with wide feet may have a hard time locating their ideal fit for comfort.


Both brands use quality materials in the production of the insoles to ensure long-lasting relief from various ailments on the leg and foot. While Superfeet has a wide variety of options, it is always better to seek your doctor’s advice to address any issues you may have on the foot.
On the other hand, Powerfeet boasts a reputation that seems to exceed them. They are the ideal choice, recommended by podiatrists around the world. And like Superfeet, you will need a medical professional to help you select the perfect insole.
Both Superfeet and Powerfeet employ durable materials in their products. In the majority of cases, how long the insoles last is down to the frequency of use and the kind of shoe you are using. The wrong shoe cannot only affect the durability of the insole but also aggravate any foot issue.
Powerstep seems the better choice among the two regarding durability. The insoles feel stable enough to go a long time. Even various users point at this fact.
When it comes to innovation, Powerstep impresses with their shock absorption feature, which reduces friction and heat. The synthetic materials have an antibacterial coating to remove any odor.
Superfeet takes the day with their innovative design insoles. Notably, the Brand, with their newly developed foam provides optimal comfort by conforming to the shape of your feet. As such, professionals that are mostly on their feet can find comfort in their shoes. The form focuses on the critical areas to ensure optimal support even as you work.
Final Thoughts
Of course, any of the two brands make a good choice when it comes to the relief of various foot ailments. They are available in a variety of sizes and options, depending on your needs. You will need a medical professional to identify the right one for you.
However, based on innovation, comfort, and quality, Powerstep seems a better choice than Superfeet. But that does not mean Superfeet are not good. Most podiatrists recommend Powerstep for better health outcomes for such conditions as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and heel pain. Powerfeet also fits a wide variety of shoes, and you are sure to get your ideal insole for pain relief.
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